Dent, Jones big winners at National League weekend

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Julian Dent and Shannon Jones had the main successes of the National League weekend in New South Wales, each winning two out of three races. Dent won the sprint at Macquarie University and the middle at Wattle Ridge, before suffering his first loss of the season in the long distance at Belanglo, beaten into third place by Grant Bluett and Dave Shepherd. Jones had good wins in the sprint and long events, with Vanessa Round emerging triumphant in the middle distance.

Belinda Lawford won all three junior races, while the junior men’s results were spread around with wins to Oscar Phillips (sprint), Lachlan Dow (middle) and Ian Lawford (long).

Full results have been delayed due to SI problems. Placings are also available through the National League standings. Routegadget* for the middle distance is also available.

*website no longer available