New Zealand Pinestars win opening round against Australian Bushrangers

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The Australian Bushrangers have started the return test match against the New Zealand Pinestars in the difficult sand dune terrain. The multi-day distance race was held on the Telephone Track map, and the team were thoroughly tested by complex courses. The Pinestars have taken a strong lead, 76 points to 34, so the Bushrangers have their work cut out for them over the next two days.

Best performed Bushrangers were David Shepherd (4th) and Simon Uppill (7th) in the mens. Jo Allison showed her technical prowess to finish 2nd, ahead of Bushrangers Kathryn Ewels (6th) and Anna Sheldon (7th).

A second race for the day was held at Murawai Golf Course. In a very interesting format, the Bushrangers competed in teams of 2 with each running completing two short courses.

The Queens Birthday weekend carnival continues tomorrow with a morning Middle Distance Race followed by a chasing start in the afternoon.

An excellent report courtesy of NZ’s Maptalk website can be found here*.

Day 1 Long Distance (Multi-day length)   winsplits,  routegadget*

*website no longer available