Bendigo Orienteers club development award winners

Shane Jenkins2010 Archive

Bendigo Orienteers have received the Orienteering Australia club development award for 2009. The club has an outstanding record of achievement in recent years in club development and in running between 30 and 35 events a year in local forests and a summer program of street orienteering, with a very effective program for attracting and training new participants.

This program includes a newcomers series in the leadup to the orienteering season, a mentor group of experienced orienteers, development of ‘Space Racing’ for primary school children (profiled in the Australian Orienteer), funding from VicHealth for employment of Jim Russell as a development officer for events with local schools, accelerating its mapping program to support these activities, training more Level 1 coaches, producing monthly newsletter information on course and event design, and achieving a record participation for 2009 of 2,400.

The club also hosted the 2009 Australian Championships carnival to further develop the orienteering skills of its members and to promote orienteering in the Bendigo region.