World MTBO Champs

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The World MTBO Championships continues today with the middle distance event to be held tonight (Australian time).  The Portuguese have a fantastic web site with live coverage of the events – results and comments.  You can follow all the action here:

Middle Distance Event Information Page*

Live Event Coverage Blog*

The Australian team start times are listed below – you should be able to see all the action and medals before bed time or for the Tour de France fanatics its a great warm-up before the mountain climbing action gets well underway!


Grant Lebbink 10:00 (19:00 AEST)

Alex Randall 10:50 (19:50 AEST)

Steven Cusworth 11:38 (20:38 AEST)

Adrian Jackson 11:56 (20:56 AEST)

Last Starter 13:04 (22:04 AEST)


Mary Fien 10:33 (19:33 AEST)

Mel Simpson 11:33 (20:33 AEST)

Last Starter 11:57 (20:57 AEST)

Junior Men

Luke Poland 11:01 (20:01 AEST)

Marc Gluskie 11:47 (20:47 AEST)

Chris Firman 12:25 (21:25 AEST)

Last Starter 12:45 (21:45 AEST)

*website no longer available