Long Distance Final is on tonight for MTBO World Champs

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The MTBO World Championships continue tonight with the Long Distance Final.  The riders will be faced with a tough physical challenge given the steepness of the terrain shown in the maps put online to date.

Start times for the Australian riders are given below.  You can follow all the action at the following links.

Long Distance event information*

Live Blog*

Steven Cusworth 10:27 (19:27 AEST)
Alex Randall 10:33 (19:33 AEST)
Adrian Jackson 10:57 (19:57 AEST)
Last Starter 11:57 (20:57 AEST)

Mary Fien 10:25 (19:25 AEST)
Mel Simpson 10:34 (19:34 AEST)
Last Starter 11:55 (20:55 AEST)

Marc Gluskie 9:47 (18:47 AEST)
Luke Poland 9:53 (18:53 AEST)
Chris Firman 10:29 (19:29 AEST)
Last Starter 11:47 (20:47 AEST)

M21 B Final
Grant Lebbink 15:39 (00:39 AEST)

To take a look at the maps and courses for previous events during the week use the event links from the MTBO WOC Home Page*.

*website no longer available