Orienteering Australia Board vacancies

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Orienteering Australia is seeking expressions of interest to fill 2 important vacancies on the OA Board: Director (Development) and Special Director (Media and Communications). The role of the former Director (Development) position has been split and the position of Special Director (Media and Communications) created to take over media and communications responsibilities.

The Director (Development) is now responsible for participation strategic and operational planning; website resources for beginners & other competitors, coaches, controllers, & sponsors; engaging sponsors and maintaining sponsorships; ongoing development and maintenance of marketing planning; website advertising; club & schools development; and liaison with state association Development Officers on development issues.

The Special Director (Media and Communications) will take responsibility for coordination of the affairs of Orienteering Australia in the following media and communications areas: Media Liaison Officer (media releases, team profiles, results distribution, TV and radio interviews); coordination of timely release of OA website stories and results links on relevant international and national events; Facebook, Twitter and other social media; OA Enews bulletins; the Australian Orienteer; and website development and maintenance.

Further information is available by contacting John Harding, Executive Officer (ph 0427 107 033) or any OA Board member, and expressions of interest should be sent to John Harding atorienteering@netspeed.com.au by 15 October.