South Australian Long Distance Championships

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South Australian spur gully terrain, with mostly fast running areas, a broad track network, and minor rock detail challenged orienteers at today’s SA Long Distance Championships and SILVA National Orienteering Round 15.  Many route choice options were offered with more direct choices or longer track options.  Slower run areas of yacka (a tough spikey plant) added to the options.

Yesterday’s winner of the W21E Middle Distance event, Anna Sheldon, again saw off all challengers, with Vanessa Round (SA) second and Tracy Marsh 3rd.  The 9 km course was won by Anna in 70:12min.

Tracy Marsh leaves the start

Tracy Marsh leaves the start

In M21E, Julian Dent had a very convincing win, covering the 14.2 km in 82:47 min, over 10 minutes clear of Grant Bluett (2nd) and Simon Uppill (SA, 3rd), the same trio took the placings in yesterday’s Middle Distance event.

The boy’s junior elite was a close tussle between Karl Bicevskis of Tasmania (74:20), 18 secs ahead of Oliver Poland in 2nd, and then a further 24 secs tp Oscar Phillips in 3rd place. The junior girls elite was also relatively close with Heather Muir of Qld first ahead of two New Zealanders, Jaime Goodwin and Laura Roberston.

Other impressive winners were Matt Doyle (Qld) in M14A, Warren Key (Vic) in M50A, 7 minutes ahead of the 2nd place getter Tim Hatley (Vic); Geoff Lawford )ACT)  in M55A, Wayne Aspin (NZ) in M65A, Clive Pope in M70A, Holly Edmonds (NZ) in W16A, Jenny Bourne (ACT) in W50A, Valerie Robinson (NZ) in W70A.

Full results here

Both the NSW Stingers (men) and Victorian Nuggets (women) went into the weekend’s National League rounds with weakened teams and lost some of their lead as a result. The Stingers still lead by 27 points and are virtually certain to win, but the Southern Arrows’ women have closed to within striking distance with the gap down to 12 points.

The Australian Championships Carnival continues on Tuesday with the Australian Schools Individual Championships.

W17-20E course with long leg route choice options

W17-20E course with long leg route choice options