Gelderman’s clean sweep in Australian MTBO Championships.

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AusMTBO2010header3The 2010 Australian MTBO Championships were held this weekend near Daylesford, Victoria. Bayside Kangaroos,

The middle and sprint distance events were held on Saturday in the Castlemaine area. Marquita Gelderman, from New Zealand, was a convincing winner of both events in the open women’s division, with resident champion honours going to Thorlene Egerton (middle) and Mary Fien (sprint and long).

There was a major upset in the men’s sprint, in which Steven Cusworth finished just over a minute ahead of multiple world champion Adrian Jackson, with Alex Randall in third place. The middle distance was more predictable with Jackson winning by two minutes over Randall, and Jackson returned to his accustomed position in the long-distance, ahead of Randall and Cusworth.

Oscar Phillips, better known as a foot JWOC team member, had narrow wins in the first two men’s junior races before a more convincing victory on Sunday, while Jasmine Sunley took out all junior women’s distances.

Middle distance results and splits.

Sprint distance results and splits.

Long distance results and splits.

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