OA Conference event – ANU Canberra – 4 Dec 2010

Shane Jenkins2010 Archive

After a hard day pooring over strategic plans, legal liabilities & funding proposals, the weather gods relented allowing the end of day OA annual conference orienteering event to be held in fine but humid conditions.

On offer were a series of 26 control sites around the Australian National University with multiple choice answers rather than the more normal control flags.  Choice was between 30min or 45min score events.

A (small) choice of lollies was available to finishers. Even one of the spectators, a young Master Morris, partook in the post event sweets no doubt spoiling the lovingly prepared dinner awaiting him at home.

Results are listed below in the order competitors crossed the finish line.

Craig Feuerhardt Vic    33:07    26 answers
Eric Morris NSW         32:29    26 answers
Bruce Arthur Vic          24:27    no answers
Jenny Casanova SA     32:40    26 answers
John Harding ACT       39:40    17 answers
David West  NSW       32:45     26 answers (MTB)
Liz Bourne Qld             44:35    18 answers
Paul Prudhoe  NSW     44:50    26 answers
Robin Uppill SA            39:57    26 answers
Geoff Wood ACT        47:29    21 answers
Peter Mayer SA           42:43    17 answers
Richard Matthews WA  43:17    26 answers
Christine Brown Tas      41:37    23 answers
Barbara Hill NSW         42:43    26 answers
Robert Spry NSW        28:33     15 answers (30 mins)
Mike Dowling Tas         29:32     15 answers (30 mins)
Reid Moran Qld            32:30     12 answers (30 mins)