Capital Orienteering Festival fits with the Canberra Festival

Shane Jenkins2011 Archive

The organisers of the 2011 Capital Orienteering Festival are pleased to alert potential attendees of the opportunity to also engage with the 2011 Canberra Festival and other local attractions.

Orienteering often takes place in isolated areas but the organisers of the 2011 event wanted to bring orienteering back to the people. The 2011 Capital Orienteering Festival will take place within a few kilometres of the Canberra CBD, allowing those participating in, spectating, or just travelling with friends and family lots of opportunities to experience Canberra.

Ben Rattray explains,
“We wanted everyone to be close together and not spend too much time just travelling out to and back from events. We want those attending to be able to enjoy Canberra, not just the orienteering. The venues selected not only offer great orienteering, but are within walking distance of great tourist desitnations such as the Australian Institute of Sport and the National War Memorial. What’s more, it turns out the 2011 Canberra Festival is on at the same time. I note that there is even a large celebration in Commonwealth Park on the Saturday night everyone can enjoy.

Although isolated terrain often adds to the technical challenge things like well designed courses, different race formats, and changing the competitors challenge they put on themselves will make for a great orienteering experience.”
So there is lots of orienteering, and lots to do. Time to start planning.

The Capital Orienteering Festival is the first round of the 2011 SILVA National Orienteering League