Tassie “young gun” MTB riders do well!

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TomGoddard906Recently three junior Tasmanian riders did exceedingly well in the “Blue Dragon” 100 km mountain bike race near Launceston. This was a two stage race held over two days encompassing very rugged and technical riding. They are following in the footsteps of Adrian Jackson who has shown that racing MTB at a high level is an ingredient for success at international MTBO.

OscarPhillips933Tom Goddard and Marc Gluskie were the 5th placed team overall in an extremely strong field of 167 teams and quite close time-wise to third place. Oscar Phillips paired with Jordy Davis to place 14th overall. Teams had to ride and cover the whole distance together.

Older orienteers also did well. Daryl Smith’s team won the over 50 years category and was 23rd overall while Jon McComb and John Whittington were close behind in 28th place.

1st – 4 hrs 56 Peter Hatton, Neil VanDerPloeg
2nd – 5 hrs 21 Sid Tabberlay Ben Bradley
3rd – 5 hrs 35
5th – 5 hrs 46 Tom Goddard, Marc Gluskie
14 – 6 hrs 28 Oscar Phillips, Jordy Davis
23 – 6 hrs 53 Daryl Smith, Grant Dixon
28 – 7 hrs 06 Jon McComb, John Whittington
Full results and reports can be found at: www.wildwheelpromotions.com.au

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