MTBO National Rankings for 2010

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Multiple World Champion Adrian Jackson and Australian team member Mary Fien were our top ranked MTBO riders for 2010.

In 2010 Australia staged thirteen MTBO ranking events (eight Long Distance and five Middle Distance). The 2010 rankings were based on the same formula as 2009 – the best two races for each rider who rode in more than one state or rode in the Australian Long and Middle Championships. This resulted in more riders from Victoria, NSW and Queensland being ranked, since the seven races were held in these states. The number of riders ranked in the top three: VIC (31), QLD (3), NSW (3), TAS (1), SA (1), ACT (1) with the National titles held in Central Victoria.
Winners to repeat their top 2009 form were Adrian Jackson (M21E), Robert Prentice (M50A), Rick Armstrong (M60A), Mary Fien (W21E), Kay Haarsma (W40A), and Joyce Rowlands (W70+A).
The margins was 0 to 5 points in twelve out of 15 classes and there were equal 100 point scores in M50, M60, M70 – showing that the competition is very close in many classes.
Junior women in W-16 and W-20 were ranked for the first time in mtbo history – which promises better competition in 2011.
2010 Ranking Criteria
1. A rider must complete two Championship races in 2010 – the final ranking calculated be averaging the best two results from either two Australian Championships or two State Championships. One counted race must come from an interstate or Australian Championship – thus winning two races in one’s home state does not qualify a rider for a national ranking.
2. The winner of a race earns 100 points with all other riders ranked (above 100) in comparison with the winner.
3. International riders (NZL) raise the competitive standard of the events, but are not included in the National Ranking lists.
Blake Gordon, OA MTBO Statistician