Orienteering Service of Australia under new ownership

Bernard Walker2011 Archive

Orienteering Service of Australia (OSoA) has changed hands.
In December 2010 the OSoA business was sold to SnapFold Australia.
OSoA is continuing to operate as normal and has kept the same web
address www.osoa.com.au and the same phone number (03) 9017 4835. The fax
number (03)9388 1916, however, has changed.

The new owner Ned Macdonald would like to express his thanks to former
owners Darren and Sam Sandford for a smooth hand over and assure all
new and existing customers that the business is fully stocked and raring to go in 2011.

OSoA has recently restocked with MIRY mapboards and SILVA compasses so
many of the out of stocks on the website have now disappeared.

Any clubs with revised or updated map publications for distribution should contact Ned on (03) 9017 4835. Email info@osoa.com.au