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The April selection area in Victoria is relatively hilly with little or no single tk, so fitness rather than tech riding skills are likely to be a priority.
Things to do:
1) Nominate for Australian team selection NOW (before March 1) to Peta Whitford (selection chair) Nominate if you have the slightest inkling to be in the team.
(yes or No)
· Will you attending Selection Trials
April 9th and 10th , Daylesford, Victoria
· do you have leave available to you for the trip overseas
· do you have access to finances for the trip
· do you have a current passport
· are you an Australian Citizen
Please add any other comments which are relevant.

2) Enter event thru the Victorian Orienteering website
3) Arrange accommodation – note that some places in Daylesford allow only 2 nights bookings only
4) Book flights / arrange car pools

Time Specificity = remember to practice hard training or O / xc / road races of the middle and long distance winning times.

Route choice specificity and training = Route Gadjet
Look at the bush mtbo events this year and in the 2010 and 2009 results page and click on those with route gadjet to see maps and courses. Do some couch / indoor training study. There is a Vic mtbo event nearby on March 13 on the previously mapped area of Korweinguboora, so look at the map on route gadjet after that date.

Trials location: Korweinguboora area (south from Daylesford)
New MTBO map by Andrew Slattery based on Cyclic Navigator Map “Adrian” used in 2009.
The “Adrian” map is on the VOA website for your perusal – it was 1:40,000 i think)
Long scale 1:20 000, 10m contours, A3 size Practice looking at these scales & contour interval (specificity again)
Middle scale 1:15 000, 10m contours, A4 size

Saturday 9 April – Long Distance race Start times from 11am
Sunday 10 April – Middle Distance race Start times from 10am

Terrain: Eucalypt and pine forest with some large clearings; predominantly 4WD forest and old logging tracks in the eucalypt; grid of tracks in the pine plantations with some marshy areas along the creeks

Classes and Courses Long Course /Distance / Climb Middle Course /Distance / Climb
Course 1: M21-E 37km / 600m 22km / 400m

Course 2: M-20E, W21-E, 29km / 470m 18km / 310m
Course 3: W-20E 24km / 450m 16km / 240m

Entry: Enter online HERE or via Fees:Long = $30 Adult, $25 Junior Middle = $25 Adult, $20 Junior
Terrain specificity = In case you are looking to arrive early and do some training here is the good oil on maps.
Vic maps relevant and nearby to area.
Bell’s Reef / Bells Reef extended – just south of Daylesford – 2004 WOC area
Wombat station – 2004 map also adjoins Bell’s Reef
Quartz Hill (Castlemaine) which was used last year – but you didnt get into the northern half which is route choice rich.
Muckleford (near Castlemaine – 10kms away at Newbridge)
Fingerpost (near Woodend) but beware as it has 10 m contours. Some of it also has nice singletk
Wheatsheaf (from last year)
Rodoni – older map near Daylesford Brandy Hot also – these overlap.
Heath Jamieson lives at Woodend (about 30kms from Daylesford) and may be looking for some training in the lead-up.

If in Ballarat – Canadian forest is more tracked than sel trial area I’d guess. Nerrina also.
Linton, about 30 kms west would be relevant.
MTBO 2011 at a glance – newsletter from organisers

The ninth edition of World MTB-O Championships will be really something you can’t miss. A total of 16 World Champion titles (8 in the top and 8 in the junior classes) will be assigned in the Vicenza province betweeen August 20 and 27. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from MTBO 2011.

Long Distance final
23.08.2011 Marostica – Bassano
The main title. The Marathon on wheels, or, if you prefer, the heavyweight title belt of mtb-orienteering. Expected winning time will be about 85-95 minutes for women and 105-115 minutes for men. Bikers will start from the main square in Marostica, a beautiful medieval walled town, mostly famous for its living chess event and for the local cherry variety. Athletes will pass by the little Cyclist Church in the well-known Rosina track. The finish area will be in Bassano del Grappa, famous for its strong liqueur and the covered bridge. Piazza Libertà (one of the two big squares in Bassano) will crown the new world champions.

Long Distance qualifications
22.08.2011 Bregonze hills
In order to qualify to the Long Distance final, qualification heats will be held in the Bregonze hills, near Thiene. The Long Distance qualifications will start from the main square in Zugliano and finish in Piazza dei Terzi in Chiuppano. Course lenghts will be shortened compared to the final.

Middle Distance
25.08.2011 Pozzolo di Villaga
A very technically demanding course, in a dense track network where map reading skills rather than biking ability will be crucial to the success. The competition is based on interval start with one athlete starting every minute. (mistake I have queried) The winning time is expected around 45-50 minutes for women and 55-60 minutes for men. The Middle Distance arena will be built in the Pozzolo plain, an historic area for the local orienteers. Here foot-orienteering events were held during the 80’s with an old black-and-white map.

26.08.2011 Alonte
The relay is run by a team of 3 bikers of the same country, each running a course. It employs e mass start with all the countries leaving together the event arena. The average course will last about 40-50 minutes. This will be one of the most spectator-friendly event with start, finish, change zone and public control in piazza Santa Savina in Alonte.

27.08.2011 Sossano
A short, fast. adrenaline-filled race which requires high speed and full concentration. Winning times are estimated to be about 20-25 minutes both for women and men. Start and finish will be in the same area with a public control nearby. Sossano was chosen by the organizers for its velodrome, close to a hill: the most of the competition will be visible from the spectators’ area

In Europe in June??

Swedish Association, together with the clubs, Leksand OK and IK Jarl is organizing the first international mountain bike orienteering in Sweden. We look forward to this event and hope that MTBO catches the attention of many Swedes.
As you can see in the attached Bulletin 2, we will allow participants to arrange their accommodations through housing organization
On one of these alternatives (Stiftsgården), we organizers intend to locate some of the eventscenter. On Stiftsgården will among other things as team-leader meetings as well as companion meals be implemented.
We encourage teams from different countries to stay at Stiftsgården. As places are limited we would like to inform you to already provisionally reserve accommondations at Stiftsgården. Of course, you have full scope to book wherever you want but to be near the EventCenter it is good to book early.
Stiftsgården is the Swedish Church’s camp with several different types of housing and they are familiar with MTB riders! It has great potential for bike wash, and to lock up bikes and more.
For more information and prices on reservations, etc. we recommend you to send email to
Site manager: Bjorn Evbjer, Phone number: 0248-79 78 30, Email:
Questions about other accommondations, the competitions, etc. you’re welcome to send email to
You can also check out our wesite where we put up the latest news concerning MTBO Sweden or to read more about the event

Bulletin 1 for World MTB Orienteering Championships 2012 in Veszprem, Hungary has been published. The Bulletin can be found under the ‘Calendar&Results’ section of the IOF website at

Tassie “young gun” riders do well!
Recently three junior Tasmanian riders did exceedingly well in the “Blue Dragon” 100 km mountain bike race near Launceston. This was a two stage race held over two days encompassing very rugged and technical riding.
Tom Goddard and Marc Gluskie were the 5th placed team overall in an extremely strong field of 167 teams and quite close time-wise to third place. Oscar Phillips paired with Jordy Davis to place 14th overall. Teams had to ride and cover the whole distance together.
Older orienteers also did well. Daryl Smith’s team won the over 50 years category and was 23rd overall while Jon McComb and John Whittington were close behind in 28th place.
1st – 4 hrs 56 Peter Hatton, Neil VanDerPloeg
2nd – 5 hrs 21 Sid Tabberlay Ben Bradley
3rd – 5 hrs 35
5th – 5 hrs 46 Tom Goddard, Marc Gluskie
14 – 6 hrs 28 Oscar Phillips, Jordy Davis
23 – 6 hrs 53 Daryl Smith, Grant Dixon
28 – 7 hrs 06 Jon McComb, John Whittington
Full results and reports can be found at:

Last weekend was the Otway Odyssey 15 / 50 / 100km events.
AJ was a close 5th in the 100km with Chris Jongewaard taking yet another win, albeit in muddy conditions.
4hr.22 1st, 4hr.36 AJ. Slowest riders took about 11.30!!!
The faster riders evidently got the best of the conditions with the mud getting deeper as the day progressed.
Having done this event last year I was sad not being there, but work called.
Other results I gleaned from a quick look at 100km results were:
Carolyn Jackson was our fastest O woman and was 2nd in W50, with Thor Egerton placing 4th in W40.
Grant Lebbink was 41st in open with 5.37, Seb Dunne 123rd with 6.39.
John Whittington & Jon McComb tied for 31st in M40 with 6.30, while fellow Taswegian Daryl Smith was 12th in M50.
Tim Jackson was 6th in the 15km U18 dash.

This week are the XC Nationals in SA. Unfortunately all xc events have been progammed for mid-week so they will be racing in front of a crowd of kangaroos and koalas!! Elites race Friday, so look for results then.

Other results -please let me know what you get up to in other events.

NZ Earthquake
One of my mtbo friends there has just emailed that she thought most orienteers were safe from what she has heard.

Kay Haarsma 08 83370522 (up to 10pm SA time)