Website and digital communications technologies consultancy

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Orienteering Australia is seeking applications to undertake a consultancy project to define the requirements for an integrated website and supporting digital communication technologies for Orienteering Australia and State Associations, and consider options for the implementation of these requirements.  The options may involve complete redevelopment of a new website(s), additions of new functionality to the current web site(s), or a maintenance of the status quo with improved management processes.

The application should include details and background of the applicant(s), proposed cost of the project, and a project schedule to produce a draft report by 15 July and final report by 15 September 2011.

The project should include a phase to refer preliminary findings to a sub-committee nominated by the Orienteering Australian Board. The plan will include:

1. Background and overview of current website and digital communications of Orienteering Australia and state associations.

2. Document and prioritise the current and future functional requirements of an integrated national-state website and digital communications system e.g. ability to manage news, event calendars, members area etc.  This may include a Gap Analysis i.e. document current functionality from the current national, state and linked sites (e.g. the Results System, Route Gadget, Blogs etc) and what is lacking.

3. Document the non-functional requirements, e.g. items such as customisable layout and styles, and ability to apply different security levels to management of content.

4. Document state-specific requirements that may not be applicable to a national website, e.g. state-specific online membership systems.

5. Implementation requirements of migrating to a new system. This would cover design of site structure, design of graphics, building of a new site, training of new content managers, migration of existing content, testing.  This would be high level and technology independent at this stage.

6. Operational requirements for the website and linked digital communications media, e.g. content editor, system administrator.

7. Recommendations and priorities e.g. maintain or enhance the status quo, develop a new site system based on specific technologies (or technological options), what features should be included in the new site system.

8. If redevelopment is a recommendation, include a high level project plan (tasks, effort and costs).

For enquiries contact the Executive Officer (ph 0427 107 033) at Applications close with the Executive Officer, Orienteering Australia, PO Box 284, Mitchell ACT 2911 on 18 April 2011.