Contributors sought for street and park orienteering manual

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Orienteering Australia is seeking expressions of interest to produce an organiser’s manual for street and park orienteering. This project is being funded by the ASC grant to increase participation in orienteering.

The manual will assist in a planned major expansion of street and park orienteering across Australia in new and existing areas and should include all the information needed for a person who has never organised a street orienteering program or event to successfully do so. Expressions of interest are invited from contributors from different states to reflect both different methods of conducting such events and other possible considerations around mapping, terrain and safety. The manual will include information on:

· Brief overview of orienteering and background of street – park orienteering in each state and territory

· Course formats for street – park orienteering

· Assembly area selection, control types, course planning, safety and risk management issues for both day and night events

· Producing maps for street – park orienteering (area selection, base map and photography sourcing, OCAD, assistance available in producing maps, sample maps, printing)

· Event equipment (including sample control card and control types)

· Target participants (walkers and runners, individuals and groups, wheelchairs and prams) and courses offered

· On the day organisation, labour required, briefing of participants, and options for recording, timing and processing results (including spreadsheets and event management software systems as applicable)

· Marketing, publicity, sponsorship

· Links to state association website information and calendars on street and park orienteering

· Supporting resources available from state associations

The manual will include illustrative photos. It will be in PDF format for ease of download and printing. Copyright will allow download and use by individuals, schools or clubs but not for reproduction for sale. An Orienteering Australia reference group will assist authors by reviewing drafts. The target for completion of the project is December 2011.

Expressions of interest should include information on the street and park orienteering background of the applicant, writing experience, and which street and park programs in which states the applicant will be documenting. Applicants should provide quotes firstly to complete a draft and secondly to finalise after feedback from the reference group.

Expressions of interest should be forwarded to John Harding, Executive Officer, Orienteering Australia (ph 0427 107 033) email by 19 April 2011.