Australian Bushrangers Team for June Challenge in New Zealand

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Orienteering Australia has selected the Bushrangers Team selected to compete against New Zealand in the 2011 Bushrangers V Pinestars Challenge.

Women’s Team

Bridget Anderson (QLD)
Rachel Effeney (QLD)
Belinda Lawford (ACT)
Mace Neve (ACT)
Aislinn Prendergast (VIC)
Anna Sheldon (QLD)

Men’s Team

Evan Barr (VIC)
Joshua Blatchford (NSW)
Lachlan Dow (ACT)
Rob Preston (NSW)
Murray Scown (ACT)
Simon Uppill (SA)
Reserve: Ben Rattray (SA)

The competition will take place in New Zealand 4-6 June, as  part of the ‘Regal Orienteering Carnival’ being held in Woodhill Forests north of Auckland. The team will be supported by coach, Wendy Read.

Congratulations to the team, and good luck for the first round of the 2011 Bushrangers V Pinestars Challenge. A return challenge will take part during the Oceania Championships Carnival in Australia later this year.  The Bushrangers team will be reselected for the October Challenge.