2011 WOC selectors and nominees

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The Senior Selection Panel appointed by OA to select the Australian team for the 2011 World Orienteering Championships (WOC) in France is as follows:

Robert Lewis (Coach)

Wendy Read (Assistant Coach & manager)

Kay Haarsma (High Performance Manager)

Mike Dowling for women’s selection

Jenny Casanova (Chair of Selectors) for men’s selection
Nominations received.

The 2011 WOC team will be announced as soon as possible after the final WOC trials in Tasmaniaon May 21st/22nd, and will be chosen from among the following athletes who have submitted nominations:

 Men                                          Women

Bruce Arthur                               Susanne Casanova
Evan Barr                                   Grace Elson
Julian Dent                              Rachel Effeney
Chris  Naunton                          Tracy Marsh
Rob Preston                              Jasmine Neve
Tom Quayle                             Mace Neve
Ben Rattray                               Aislinn Prendergast
Matt Schepisi                             Vanessa Round
Murray Scown                           Anna Sheldon
Simon Uppill

Overseas trials being used for selection for two runners permanently based in Europe are:

Tom – Swedish sprint and Tio Mila
Grace – (Sprint only, Easter) British Sprint/Middle (April 9,10), British WOC trials (May 21, 22)

Jenny Casanova (Chair of Selectors)