Firman and Fien win QLD MTBO Championships

Shane Jenkins2011 Archive

chrismaryThe QLD MTBO Champs for 2011 has been run and won, with 2 National Team members featuring highly in the results. The Mens Open (Elite) class was won by rider Chris Firman and the Womens Open (Elite) class by Mary Fien.

The Yarraman Area west of Brisbane turned on perfect riding conditions with dry, firm tracks and fantastic warm winter days. The challenging pine and native plantation had plenty of climb to content with as well as the neighbouring mine owners who kept bulldozing new tracks right up until the event weekend. With a cemetery backdrop for day one and a rustic shed for day two, competitors had some interesting scenery at each event area. As word of an impromptu dinner spread the numbers at the local pub swelled to near 70 as the kitchen staff went into overdrive at the influx of customers. For all the results visit the event website and for photos check out the MTBO Club facebook page.

Craig Steffens