Australian team for ANZ Challenge in veterans age groups announced

Shane Jenkins2011 Archive

The selection panel has selected the following Australian team to contest the Australia-New Zealand Challenge in the Veterans age groups as part of the Oceania Championships in October. The team in the M/W 16, 20 and 21E age groups will be announced later.

 M40: Jock Davis (N), Blair Trewin (V), Eric Morris (A). Reserves: Paul Liggins (V), Scott Simson (Q), Paul Marsh( N)

M45: Steve Doyle (Q), Mark Nemeth (Q), Jim Russell (V). Reserves: Tim McIntyre (Q), Martin Wehner (A), Steve Cooper (SA)

M50: Warren Key (V), Grant McDonald (A), Bernard Walker (T). Reserves: Tim Hatley (V), Russel Blatchford (N)

M55: Geoff Lawford( A), Roch Prendergast (V), Eoin Rothery (N). Reserves: Paul Pacque (T) James Lithgow (N)

M60: Steve Flick (N), Paul Hoopman( SA), Adrian Uppill (SA). Reserves: Nigel Davies (T), Hugh Moore (A), Greg Hawthorne(T)

M70: Basil Baldwin (N), John Hodgson (N), Clive Pope (Q). Reserves: John Lyon (SA), John Sutton( A), Peter Cutten (SA)

 W40: Cath Chalmers (N), Jenny Enderby (N), Su Yan Tay (Q). Reserves: Anita Scherrer( A), Linda Sesta (N), Barbara Hill (N)

W50: Liz Abbott (A), Jenny Bourne (A), Anthea Feavor (WA). Reserves: Robin Uppill (SA), Debbie Davey (N), Felicity Crosato (Q)

W60: Jean Baldwin (N), Valerie Barker (A), Judith Hay (N). Reserves: Meredyth Sauer (Q), Ruth Goddard (V), Dale Ann Gordon (V)

Many of those selected advised OA High Performance Manager Kay Haarsma of their availability and whether they require an Australian O top. Kay is now overseas. Of those, selected who did not contact Kay, can they please advise OA Executive Officer John Harding at of their availability and whether they have an Australian O top (and, if not, what size in cms and whether XS/S/M/L). There is a tight timeline to order O tops so a prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.