World Championship Sprint Qualifications in Aix Les Bains

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The WOC2011 sprint qualification is being held this morning in Aix-les-Bains. It will be an urban sprint race with some park areas as well. It is being held in the centre of the town, so competitors will have a mixture of small and narrow alleyways and wide open town squares.

It’s forecast for 29 degrees here tomorrow so it’s set to be a great day for the Aussies that are used to long hot summer days!

Rachel Effeney, Grace Elson and Mace Neve will be starting in the women’s race and Rob Preston, Simon Uppill and Julian Dent will be running in the men’s. The start times are:

Rachel Effeney: 5.08 pm AEST
Grace Elson: 5.15 pm AEST
Mace Neve: 5.22 pm AEST
Rob Preston: 5.45 pm AEST
Simon Uppill: 5.58 pm AEST
Julian Dent: 6.07 pm AEST.

The expected winning times are 14 minutes for both women and men. The women will run about 2.7 km and the men will run about 2.9 km. The top 15 runners from each heat will make it into the final.

The final will be tomorrow as well, it will be just up the road in Chambéry and starts will be from 11 pm AEST. We will report on the qualification results and the Aussie participation in the final before the start of the womens sprint final.

Remember to visit the Aussie WOC blog to wish the team good luck in their races!