Sprint Final in Chambery a Swedish and Swiss Affair!

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Sweden has taken out 1, 2, 3 in the women’s final but Aussie girls in the mix as qualification proves testing.

In the womens race:

  1. Gustafsson Sweden
  2. Jansson Sweden
  3. Eliasson Sweden


In the mens race

  1. Hubman, Switzerland
  2. Holmberg,Sweden

3.Mueller Switzerland

  1. Simon Uppill

Simon reports he was pretty satisfied with his run just made a few 5 second mistakes here and there. He just needed to run faster in this highly competitive field.

The qualification sprint race proved to be a test of reading the technical out of bounds areas very finely and resulted in many disqualifications. Many impassable rock walls, outdoor cafes and olive green grassed areas in the gardens in the end caught many competitors.

Rachel Effeney was in, then she was out and then at 12:23pm (08:23pmAEST) the managers finally got the confirmation that she was in the final. Messages were exchanged and the quarantine time extended by 15 minutes so she could get to the area on time. Rachel took it all in her very calm manner and ran a good race, finishing 35th out of the field of 45 runners.

Grace Crane also ran a carefully controlled and good technical race. She finished in 24th place and was pretty happy with her run.


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