Middle Distance Final La Féclaz, Savoie Grand Revard

Shane Jenkins2011 Archive

The middle distance final race proved to be a test of mental alertness and correct interpretation of the complex contour detail on the side of the forested mountain side at La Feclaz.  Keeping it simple and staying in contact with the map was the way to go.

The Australian girls Grace Crane and Vanessa Round did their best. Grace finishing in 26th place said she did the best she could given the demands of the terrain. Vanessa Round started a good race but an error allowed her to be caught by Czech runner Dana Brozkova. They then kept together for a few legs when both became unstuck at control 8. Dana drew away but Vanessa finished well in the last loop finishing in 34th place.

Helena Jansson (Sweden) won the women’s race 1 minute clear of Ida Bobach (Denmark) in 2ndplace.

Thierry Gueorgiou was the clear winner of the men’s race and blitzed the field to pocket another gold medal.

The WOC2011 relays will be contested today starting at 9.15pm AEST for the women and 11.15pm AEST for the men.

The Aussie women’s team is Jasmine Neve, Vanessa Round and Grace Crane. The men’s team is Simon Uppill, Julian Dent and Rob Preston.