Elite and junior teams announced to compete against NZ

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The elite and junior teams have been announced to compete against New Zealand during the Oceania Championships week, in the Australia-NZ Challenge and the elite Test matches.

The teams for the Australia-NZ Challenge, to be contested at the Oceania Long and Relay Championships on 1 and 9 October respectively, are as follows:

M16: Ashley Nankervis (Tas), Max Neumann (Qld), Jack Oakhill (Qld). Reserve Matt Doyle (Qld).

W16: Nicola Blatchford (NSW; subject to fitness), Anna Dowling (Tas), Kate Bowen (ACT). Reserve Kelsey Harvey (Qld).

M20: Lachlan Dow (ACT), Joshua Blatchford (NSW), Max Neve (Vic). Reserve Oscar McNulty (WA).

W20: Belinda Lawford (ACT), Heather Muir (Qld), Jacqui Doyle (Qld). Reserve TBA.

M21: Rob Preston (NSW), Dave Shepherd (ACT), Simon Uppill (SA).

W21: Jo Allison (ACT), Kathryn Ewels (Vic), Vanessa Round (SA).

Teams in the masters age groups had previously been announced. The Challenge team will be jointly managed by Russell Blatchford and Felicity Crosato.

The races in the Test Match series between the Australian Bushrangers and New Zealand Pinestars are:

  • Oceania Middle Distance Championships, Yackandandah, Sunday October 2nd
  • Oceania Sprint Championships, Badja, Friday October 7th
  • Australian Long Championships, Badja, Saturday October 8th


For these races a team of 5 men and 4 women have been selected in 21E.

Men: Bruce Arthur (Vic), Rob Preston (NSW), Murray Scown (ACT), Dave Shepherd (ACT), Simon Uppill (SA)

Women: Susanne Casanova (SA), Rachel Effeney (Qld), Aislinn Prendergast (Vic), Anna Sheldon (Qld)


The Bushrangers’ team has been chosen to include a mixture of development athletes as well as core WOC runners; by matching athletes to specific terrains and event specialities the intention is to consolidate their form, and continue to evolve Australian talent for the future.