National MTBO Coach Appointment.

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OA congratulates Ian Dalton on his appointment as the MTBO National Coach for 2012 & 2013.

Ian is an OAWA member who has had much experience in both MTB and foot orienteering, competing at an elite level since 2004.  He attended MTBO WOC 2007 as the team media officer and recently attended a Level 1 MTB course conducted by Cycling Australia.  Ian has coached or managed the WA schools team on numerous occasions; coached the Australian Schools Orienteering team to NZ in 2009 and has been the WA Nomads manager since 2008.

 Ian is a teacher and also runs an adventure race business, as well as competing nationally in adventure races himself.

Ian will be heading to NZ for the MTBO challenge in January and is particularly keen to help out any juniors who want to attend.

Ian may be contacted at: