Minister’s Foreword

Bruce Arthur2011 Archive

pms541-sgv-logo_1_1The Victorian Government is a proud supporter of the 2011 Oceania Orienteering Championships through the Significant Sporting Events Program.

Victoria is a world leader in delivering successful major and significant sporting events, and with Orienteering Victoria conducting over 250 events for 24,000 participants annually, this Championship is no exception.

Wangaratta and Yackandandah are two fantastic locations to stage the Championships, which will feature more than 1000 participants of all ages.

Staging significant sporting events like this attract millions of visitors to our State, and provide a stimulus for the economy and sport at a community level. This year the Oceania Orienteering Championships are expected to bring over 500 visitors to regional Victoria.

That’s why the Victorian Government is a proud supporter of events such as the Oceania Orienteering Championships, which provides an opportunity to showcase Victoria’s fantastic regional centres, talent and terrain.

I welcome all visitors to this year’s event and I invite you to enjoy the many good things that regional Victoria has to offer.






Minister for Sport and Recreation