Aussie orienteers start Adventure Racing World Championships in Tasmania.

Kay Haarsma2011 Archive

The Adventure Racing World Championships start today (Wed 2nd Nov) in Burnie, Tasmania. 80 teams of 4 are taking part in the multi-day race which will cover a 733km circuit with 52 checkpoints of Tasmanian coastline, bush and mountain in the rugged and beautiful North-West of the island. The winning team is expected to take 6 or 7 days!

With the strongest possible line up of teams, coming from every continent, the race is sure to be closely contested and to test teams to the limit.  Many orienteers are taking part, and I’ve tried to list them all below. Again there will be great Aussie – NZ rivalry, with 2011 WOC foot orienteering representatives Chris Forne, Robbie Preston and Aaron Prince leading their no 2, no 3 and no 9 ranked teams respectively. However, like the Melbourne Cup, any “runner or team” has a chance of winning.

The race includes various trekking, mt biking, kayaking, and coasteering legs. It also involves a caving section where the organiser states “anyone afraid of confined spaces … is going to be very afraid.” Also on the “menu” is a clay shooting challenge; rafting; a waterfall abseil and canyoning section at Reynolds Falls. Plus a 75km paddle stage on the Arthur River with 12km of trekking along the way to find CP’s in the nearby pristine Tarkine forest.  The highest point on the race will be on Black Bluff.  The planners are confident teams will be very surprised at how long it takes to get to checkpoints in the Tasmanian bush!

2              Seagate                    Chris Forne (NZ)

3              TeamBlackheart     Rob Preston

9              Silva                     Aaron Prince (NZ)

22           Cyanosis              Nick Mulder (South Africa)

29           iadventure          Seb Dunne,  Danielle Winslow

30           its all good           Kath Copland,  Brett Sparkes

35           Mt Designs          Gary Sutherland

46           City Bike Depot   Kathryn Ewels, Sergey Kurov

47           Hardtale               Steve Todkill, Maria Plyashenko,  & Matt Bacon

48           Kauri Coasters     Jon Sutcliffe

50           Brat                       Ingrid Stengard (Finland)

57           Dancing Pandas      Thorlene Egerton

66           Mawson                Ricky Thackray