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Simon Uppill

Simon Uppill



The Australian team to contest the 2012 World Orienteering Championships at Lausanne, Switzerland, from July 14th-20th, is as follows:



Bridget Anderson      (Qld/SA) – sprint

Susanne Casanova  (NT/SA) – sprint, middle

Rachel Effeney         (Qld)      – sprint, long, relay

Aislinn Prendergast  (Vic)       – middle, long, relay

Vanessa Round        (SA)       – middle, long, relay



David Brickhill-Jones  (based in Finland) – sprint, relay

Julian Dent  (NSW, based in Sweden) – sprint, middle, long, relay

– may drop one of these, in which case Bryan Keely is the reserve.

Bryan Keely       (Vic)    – long

Murray Scown    (ACT) – middle

Simon Uppill       (SA)   – sprint, middle, relay


Coaches are Wendy Read (Queensland) and Tom Quayle (Sweden).


Orienteering Australia congratulates all these athletes!

There are four newcomers to the team (Bridget Anderson, Susanne Casanova, Bryan Keely, Murray Scown). David Brickhill-Jones rejoins the team after running for the UK in past years. The unavailability of a number of previous Australian representatives has led to this team being a mix of youth and experience, in which all athletes have demonstrated potential and commitment to performing well in their chosen disciplines.


Selectors for the women’s team were: Kay Haarsma, Rob Lewis, Tom Quayle and Wendy Read. Selectors for the men’s team were those above plus Jenny Casanova.


Jenny Casanova –  Chair of Senior Selectors


The Australian Bushrangers’ team to contest the Test Match series against the NZ Pinestars near Wellington from June 2nd-4th is as follows:

Men                                                    Women

Aaron Breed  (VIC)                            Katelyn Effeney (QLD

Oliver Crosato (QLD)                         Rachel Effeney (QLD)

Kasimir Gregory (NSW)                     Mary Fleming    (VIC)

Brodie Nankervis (TAS)                     Heather Muir    (QLD)

Rob Preston (VIC)

James Robertson (VIC)


Rob Lewis (VIC) is team coach.

Kasimir Gregory

Kasimir Gregory