Trail Orienteering for Foot Orienteers

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TRAIL ORIENTEERING (Trail O) provides a major challenge for all experienced orienteers, helping them improve their map reading skills.
Many orienteers in this country regard Trail Orienteering as something devised for competitors with a disability. While it is true that this form of Orienteering is very well suited for people with a disability, Trail O is far more than that. It provides as much of a challenge to able-bodied orienteers and, most importantly, allows able-bodied and handicapped participants to compete on equal terms. Not many other sports can make that claim.
The JUNE 2012 edition of The Australian Orienteer carries a detailed explanation of Trail O, showing how it can challenge even the most experienced orienteer. Read about it on pages 22 – 26 when the June 2012 edition arrives in your post box.
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