Rachel Effeney wins sprint WRE in New Zealand.

Kay Haarsma2012 Archive

The annual Bushrangers versus Pinestars test match commenced today at Waitarere Beach, near Wellington, NZ with a World Ranking sprint event.    This was on a 1: 4,000 scale map called “The Strip” comprised of “ forested sand-dunes, with approximately 50% macrocarpa with clean running and good visibility and 50% pruned pinus radiata with a network of small tracks.”


Rachel Effeney’s love affair with New Zealand continued (after her 2012 Sprint the Bay victory), despite the unfamiliar sand-dune terrain, when she took a 5 second victory over Amber Morrison and a host of strong Kiwi runners.   Her sister Katelyn was the next best Aussie in 17th place.   The field included two ex Great Britain stars.  Yvette Baker (nee Hague), a gold medallist in both the 1999 and 2001 World Championships placed 10th while Jean Cory-Wright, who debuted in World Championships in 1976, was 19th.


The elite men’s course attracted a gigantic field of 49 and NZ’s Nick Hahn took the win just one second ahead of compatriot Chris Forne.   Rob Preston was our best in 11th, though youngsters Brodie Nankervis (15th) and Kasimir Gregory (16th) would be pleased with their relative closeness time-wise to the pointy end of the field.


The NZ Pinestars take a commanding lead in the test match but this was expected given that our team was quite inexperienced overall.   All good background for the January 2013 World Cup events and Oceania carnival being held in the same area.   There are a number of additional juniors at this event and they are staying on for a training camp afterwards led by Jenny Bourne and Geoff Lawford.


Sunday’s  long event is nearby on the “Hydrabad East” map, again on sand –dune terrain but with limited visibility.

It is noted that ” there are many electric fences and we anticipate that these will be turned off!  The flatter parts of the map are also crossed by a number of ditches. These are murky and of unknown depth but can be crossed by people with proficiency in the long jump.”   NZ always throw some different challenges up!   M21 have 10 kilometres and 30 controls.



1        Rachel Effeney      Q         13:00

2        Kate Morrison      NZ        13:05

3        Piret Klade            NZ         13:20

10        Yvette Baker        NZ        14:14

17        Katelyn Effeney    Q          17:41

19        Jean Cory-Wright   NZ      18:05

22        Heather Muir         Q        19:47

25        Mary Fleming        VIC      23:52



1        Nick Hann                NZ         12:28

2        Chris Forne              NZ          12:29

3        James Bradshaw     NZ         12:39

   11        Rob Preston            VIC        13:39

14        Carsten Jorgensen     DEN   13:47

15        Brodie Nankervis       TAS    13:49

   16        Kasimir Gregory        NSW    14:20

  23        Aaron Breed                 VIC     15:32

   28        Oliver Crosato             Q        17:30



1        Renee Beveridge        NZ       16:33

2        Bec Butler                    TAS      22:07

3        Emily Cantwell             Q        22:58

4        Nicola Blatchford     NSW      23:06



1        Thomas Eatson         NZ           14:22

    2        Ashley Nankervis     TAS         15:55



1        John Robertson    NZ          14:57

    2        Geoff Lawford      VIC         15:50

12       Rob Lewis            VIC          21:41



1        Fairbairn Kayla          NZ       12:13

    7        Hannah Goddard      TAS     17:03



1        Helena Barnes             NZ         17:10

7        Shea-Cara Hammond      ACT     21:53



1        Anna Robertson         NZ   18:37

2        SuYan Tay                 Q     19:08

    3        Jenny Bourne            VIC     20:28

    4        Wendy Read              Q        21:03



1        Jay Paterson          NZ        15:57

6        Felicity Crosato       Q         20:51