NZ Pinestars win elites but Nicola Blatchford takes 2nd in W18.

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Kasimir Gregory

Kasimir Gregory

The NZ Pinestars continued their top form in the “loops race” today to convincingly win the Test match over the inexperienced Bushrangers.  However the young Aussies have taken away many lessons in how to race in different sand-dune terrains.  We look forward to having more of our elite runners available when the return “test” is held in Tasmania in September.

Rachel Effeney did well to overcome some early mistakes to claw back from 14th to 4th in the women’s elite class, and was less than a minute behind overall.   Rob Preston was in 6th place for most of the men’s race before finishing 10 just 2 minutes behind the winner.  Kiwi WOC team member Chris Forne came 2nd in all three events over the weekend and his biggest losing margin was 2 seconds!


Brodie Nankervis led from control 2 and survived a late charge from Kiwi Thomas Eatson to win M20.   Another Aussie junior to shine was Nicola Blatchford who ran well to take a fine second place in W18.     Ten of the juniors are staying on in NZ for the remainder of the week for a combined training camp with the Kiwis.     Many thanks to the Wellington club for their great organisation of the three events.


Meanwhile next weekend is the Aussie Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend!  This will find Jwoc team members being based in Creswick (VIC) for a final training camp.  Team officials Roch Prendergast and Valerie Barker will be assisted by Aislinn Prendergast, Lauren Gillis, Rob Lewis, Aaron Dodd and Sophie Barker, who bring a wealth of experience to the group.


W21E     5.8km

1        Greta Knarston                       41:40

2        Amber Morrison                    42:21

3        Kate Morrison                        42:23

    4        Rachel Effeney                      42:28

   15        Heather Muir                       52:59

   19        Mary Fleming                       55:24

   20        Katelyn Effeney                    55:27

   23        Emily Cantwell                   1:05:46


W16A      2.9km

1        Alice Tilley                               26:42

2        Vida Fox                                   26:56

3        Helayna Ogden                       29:03

11        Hannah Goddard                  39:44


W18A     3.0km

1        Lauren Turner                              31:15

    2        Nicola Blatchford                        31:24

    7        Bec Butler                                     36:15

   10        Shea-Cara Hammond                38:07



    1        Su_Yan Tay                                  29:51

    2        Jenny Bourne                               30:03

3        Anna Robertson                           31:39

4        Wendy Read                                 31:55



1        Gillian Ingham                            32:43

2        Jay Paterson                               34:27

    3        Felicity Crosato                          39:44


M21E      7.4km

1        Thomas Reynolds                   40:51

2        Chris Forne                              40:52

3        Tane Cambridge                      40:55

10        Rob Preston                           42:54

   18        Brodie Nankervis                   51:44

   20        Aaron Breed                           52:03

   23        Oliver Crosato                        53:05

30        Kasimir Gregory                     57:29

35        James Robertson                1:07:06


M20A    5.8km

 1        Ashley Nankervis                          39:49

2        Thomas Eatson                              40:45

3        Benjamin Reynolds                       42:35



1        Paul Ireland                               38:23

2        Geoff Lawford                          40:27