MAPPING WORKSHOP, St Helens, Tasmania, 24 September 2012

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A mapping workshop “Guide to urban map making” is planned for Monday 24 September which is during the 2012 Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival ‘BEACHES & BOULDERS’, Tasmania. The workshop, to be held at St Helens, is intended both for new mappers wanting to learn how to prepare a map for urban orienteering and for experienced orienteers interested in becoming mappers. It will include instruction on setting up base maps on OCAD, preparing base maps for field work, using GPS, a practical session of field working and drafting of the map.

Those interested in attending the workshop are invited to register their interest (please do this now so that I have some idea on numbers) by contacting me (Adrian Uppill) at

The draft outline of the Workshop is:

1 Introduction: Purpose of map, mapping standards

2 Area selection: suitability of terrain, land tenure, permissions

3 Scale: 4000/5000, 10000/15000, symbol size, generalisation, legibility

4 Preparing the Basemap in OCAD: Basemaps sources (LiDAR, topo & cadastral maps), Background maps, Georeferencing, Magnetic declination

5 Fieldwork: Level of detail / generalisation, Equipment (mapboard, pencils, GPS), Survey procedure, Relativity of objects, Reading & recording the terrain ‘ground to map’, Accuracy, Interpretation

6 Drafting: Downloading tracks & waypoints, scanning fieldwork, cartography & legibility

7 Printing: Draft scale for mapping, competition scale & map legibility

8 Wrap-up
Adrian Uppill
Chair, OA Mapping Committee