MTBO Comes to Far North Queensland

Shane Jenkins2012 Archive

300x300-orien-squareThe first mountain bike orienteering event in Far North Queensland will take place this Saturday, 30 June, in the McKenzie Pocket Forest outside Kuranda.

Being organised by the newly formed Far North Orienteering club, the event is sure to attract a good following from the large number of mountain bike riders and adventure racers in the region. Over the last month, local orienteers and other volunteers have been busy checking the tracks through the plantation forest and undertaking track pruning to ensure some enjoyable riding for participants.

An experienced orienteer and MTBO rider, Andrew Campbell, formerly from Victoria but now living in Cairns, is one of the key organisers of this inaugural event, ably assisted by Mike Coleman of Adventure Sport NQ who has a long history of involvement in outdoor recreation in the region. The forests of North Queensland have not yet been fully explored for their MTBO potential but there are some exciting possibilities around the Atherton Tablelands and west of Ingham and we look forward to further development of the sport in the region in the coming years.

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