Aislinn 37th in long event at World University Championships.

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Below are the results from the long distance event at the World University Championships in Spain yesterday.  The race today consisted of very hilly, rocky terrain in which the winner of the course was the one who took the best route choice. Track options around large hills seemed to be the best choices at times however knowing your way through gigantic ravines also seemed to help ( note control 14 to 15) . Our girls today struggled mainly in the ravine just outside of 14 as the crossing point was hard to find and if you missed it you were stuck in blackberries with 10m high cliffs surrounding you. Aislinn was the best of our runners today maintaining a solid pace throughout the course.

Long Distance Map Women

Long Distance Map Women

1              1.05.32                  Isabelle Feer      Switz
2              1.05.37                  Brigitta Mathys   Switz
3              1.06.37                  Radka Brozková   Czech
28           1.19.41                  Georgia Whitla    NZ
29           1.19.52                  Greta Knarston   NZ
37           1.23.12                  Aislinn Prendergast
39           1.23.55                  Kate Morrison       NZ
49           1.32                        Laurina Neumann
56           1.43                        Imogen Scott    NZ
58           1.49                        Ilka Barr
                MP                         Lauren Gillis


1          1.15                          Raffael Huber   Swiss
2          1.16                 Štepán Kodeda  Czech
3          1.17                 Adam Chromý   Czech
32        1.31                 Toby Scott   NZ
64        1.45                 Matt Parton
67        1.47                 Gene Beveridge   NZ
69        1.51                 Oliver Crosato
            MP                  Aaron Breed

Wednesday is the sprint in the town of Alicante, starting at the top of a castle with 360degree views of the region. The finish is on the beach front, 200m below the castle.