Kate Morrison (NZ) takes 10th in WUOC middle

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Kate Morrison

Kate Morrison

Matt Parton finishing the long

Matt Parton finishing the long

The middle event today saw Swiss star Martin Hubmann win his second gold medal of the championships with over a 2 minute victory.  Murray Scown ran solidly for 33rd place in a good simulation for his WOC debut shortly.  He has a slight foot problem and thus won’t run the relay tomorrow.  Rachel and Aislinn were mid field but disappointed with a number of small time losses.

The star of the down-under contingent was New Zealander Kate Morrison and her 10th place, which was just a touch over 2 minutes from a place.   A great result.

The women’s course was 4km in length, with 15 controls and 125m climb.

The men’s was 5.4km; 19c; 180m climb.

1              32.49     Martin Hubmann             Switzerland

2              35.10     Zsolt Lenkei                        Hungary

3              35.41     Adam Chromý                   Czech Rep

33           41.37     Murray Scown

58           45.40     Toby Scott                           NZ

64           47.03     Matt Parton

67           47.45     Simon Jager                        NZ

69           47.57     Gene Beveridge                               NZ

78           50.59     Jourdan Harvey                                NZ

80           51.06     Oliver Crosato

81           51.11     Aaron Breed


1              29:39     Lillian Forsgren                 Sweden

2              31:38     Anna Forsberg                  Sweden

3              32:35     Arqués  Serrallonga         Spain

10           34:54     Kate Morrison                   NZ

38           41.26     Rachel Effeney

42           42:36     Aislinn Prendergast

43          43:09     Greta Knarston                 NZ

50          46:09     Imogene Scott                  NZ

53          47:04     Angela Simpson                NZ

54           47:18     Ilka Barr

57           49:01     Bridget Anderson


Friday’s relay is located adjacent to the middle area and the terrain is the same, again featuring some deserted farmland, rocks and vegetation with low visibility.  “Soft terrain but rubbery because of the presence of stones, rocks and ravines.”

Courses are 5.4km (Women) with expected leg times of 35-40 mins, and 6.5km (Men) with legs planned at 40-45 minutes.

Each country can run two 3 person teams in the men and women categories.  So, in the women we will have 2 teams and in the men just one, as we have only 4 men participating.   Our teams are as follows:


  1. Matt Parton
  2. Oliver Crosato
  3. Aaron Breed


  1. Rachel Effeney
  2. Aislinn Prendergast
  3. Bridget Anderson


  1. Lauren Gillis
  2. Laurina Neumann
  3. Ilka Barr


The men start first at 8.30am Spanish time (4.30pm here) and the women run off at 9am.