Junior World Championships Relay

Shane Jenkins2012 Archive

The Junior World Championships wrapped up today with the relay and wins to the Russian men’s and Danish women’s teams. The Australian men finished as the 10th official team and the Australian women in 24th.

Ian Lawford did a great job on the first leg for the men’s team finishing safely in the pack of main contenders before handing over to Oscar McNulty who probably had the run of the day to set Olle Poland off on the last leg fighting for a podium position. In the end the team finished 10th just over a minute off a podium position. The New Zealanders looked in contention for another medal with World Champion from the middle distance, Matt Ogden, setting off in 4th place, however he could not repeat his outstanding form from the previous day and the team finished in 8th place.

The Australian women ran consistently but never challenged the leading teams to finish in 24th.

Men’s Relay

1st Russia 93.10

2nd Denmark 94.13

3rd Norway 94.57

10th Australia 98.05

Women’s Relay

1st Denmark 94.05

2nd Sweden 94.20

3rd Switzerland 97.19

24th Australia 123.21