Nominations closing for Sept Bushrangers and NZ World Cup January 2013 Teams.

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Note change:   World Cup maximum team size is now 10 men and 10 women.

Selection criteria for the Australian team to contest the World Cup races in New Zealand during the Oceania Championships, January 2013

Dates for the World Cup Races are as follows:

1) Middle distance Sun 6th

2) Sprint qualifier Mon 7th, final Tues 8th

3) Prologue and chasing start Sun 13th

Australia can now field a team of up to 10 men and 10 women for each of these races.

The only selection trials for these races will be:

  1. Australian Middle Distance Championships Saturday September 22nd(all athletes wishing to be considered for selection must enter the M/W21E classes)
  2. Australian Sprint Championships Friday September 28th(junior athletes wishing to be considered for selection should enter the M/W17-20E classes and all senior athletes must enter the M/W21E classes)

It is acknowledged that these are at different ends of the championships week; therefore if athletes are nominating for only the middle distance race at World Cup they need only run the Australian Middle Distance Championships trial, and if only nominating for the sprint race at World Cup they need only run the Australian Sprint Championships trial. If nominating for the final prologue race, or wishing to be considered for all 3 World Cup Races, athletes are to run both middle and sprint trials.

If an athlete who is nominating for these World Cup races is unable to attend either of the selection trials then they may request that their past results, i.e. all known form, be taken into account.

Past results are to be taken into account in order of significance:

1) WOC 2012

2) JWOC/WUOC/WC 2012

3) WOC 2011

4) Easter and WOC trials 2012

5) Oceania 2011

Nonimations for the Bushrangers vs Pinestars Test Matches Sept 2012

The Australian Championships 2012 week will also include a series of Bushrangers vs Pinestars Test matches. Although athletes were invited to nominate for these earlier in the year, this is the official call for nominations.

The races are to be the:

Australian Sprint Championships Fri Sept 28th

Australian Long Championships Sat Sept 29th

The Bushranger team size will be 3 men and 3 women, as determined by the size of the visiting NZ team.

Nominations for both the World Cup races and the Bushrangers vs Pinestars Tests are to be received by SUNDAY SEPT 2nd, 2012.

All nominations are to be sent to the Chair of Senior Selectors, Jenny Casanova, at   on

2013 WC (and Sept Bushrangers) nomination form.doc