New Official appointments for Australian teams in New Zealand.


Australian Teams in January New Zealand 2013

Kim Nankervis (Tasmania) will be the official team manager for the Australia v New Zealand challenge team in NZ in January 2013.  Her role will be in co-ordinating relay teams and general trouble shooting.  With 4 events being part of the challenge there may be injuries, and Kim is the one that will need to know.  Look for her at the Australian “embassy”- where the Aussie flags are flying.

Team O tops will be distributed at the Christmas 5 Days (for those attending) by Kay Haarsma or Kim, and the remainder will go with Kim to NZ.

With the World Cup team involving 22 elites it was thought necessary to appoint a third official to assist WOC coaches Tom Quayle and Wendy Read.  This position was advertised and had a number of suitable applicants, with Ben Rattray being appointed.  Ben is an ACT resident but runs for his “state of origin,” South Australia.

The Schools Test team sees Valerie Barker (ACT) and Ian Dalton (WA) as the official “team” in charge.