Australia V New Zealand Challenge team announced.

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The Australian team to compete in the Australian v New Zealand Challenge in January 2013 is:

 Team members should ensure that they are entered in all 4 challenge events – sprint, middle, long & relay.

Any queries –

Jenny-Bourne3-web micheleDawson
M16  Jarrah Day    Daniel Hill

Stephen Melhuish   Oliver Mill   RES


M18  Matt Doyle   Lawrence Jones

Ashley Nankervis   David Tay   RES


M20  Shaun McDonough  Brodie Nankervis

Todd Neve   Henry McNulty RES


M40 Eric Morris Jim Russell

Blair Trewin    Dmitry Stukov RES


M45   Tony Hill  Neil Simson

Eddie Wymer   Ian Jones  RES


M50  Russell Blatchford   Michael Burton

Mike Dowling     Jemery Day  RES


M55  Geoff Lawford   Grant McDonald

Paul Pacque   Chris Norwood  RES


M60   Nick Dent   David Marshall

Adrian Uppill    Bert Elson  RES


M65   Terry Bluett    Ian Fletcher

Hugh Moore   Greg Chatfield  RES


M70   Basil Baldwin   John Brammall

Alex Tarr   John Sutton  RES


W16   Heather Burridge   Hannah Goddard

Asha Steer     GeorgiaJones RES

W18    Nicola Blatchford     Anna Dowling


Lanita Steer   Alison Burrill     RES


W20    Michele Dawson    Mary Fleming

Heather Muir   Emily Cantwell  RES


W40 Barbara Hill Anna Hyslop

Anita Scherrer


W45   Karen Blatchford   Sue Hancock

Su Yan Tay   Nicola Dalheim RES


W50    Jenny Bourne    Anthea Feaver

Christine Marshall   Toni Brown  RES


W55   Sue Key   Mary McDonald

Hilary Wood   Julia Prudhoe  RES


W60   Valerie Barker   Carol Brownlie

Jan Hardy   Lynne Dabbs  RES


W65   Bryony Cox   Sally Salier

Meredyth Sauer


W70   Jean Baldwin   Valerie Brammall

Ann Ingwersen    Janet Tarr  RES