Australia levels Australia-NZ Challenge at Oceania Sprint

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Australia has levelled the Australia-New Zealand Challenge, taking 13 classes to 7 at the Oceania Championships to leave the competition tied at 20-20 going into the decisive Long Championships tomorrow.

In a reverse of the situation at the Middle Distance Championships, the close classes fell Australia’s way – M20 was won by five seconds, and M65 by eleven – and there were also unexpected wins in M45 when the heavily-favoured local team had two mispunches, and in W65 where Bryony Cox inflicted a rare defeat on Patricia Aspin.

It was also a more productive day for Australian individuals. Seventeen Australians won their races, whilst a further five were Oceania champions as the leading Oceania competitor in their class.

Winners: Heather Muir (W20), Brodie Nankervis (M20), Matt Doyle (M18), Noah Poland (M12), Alyssia Wymer (W10), Cathy Hogg (W35), Anita Scherrer (W40), Eric Morris (M40), Wendy Read (W45), Anthea Feaver (W50), Grant McDonald (M55), Carol Brownlie (W60), Adrian Uppill (M60), Bryony Cox (W65), Ann Ingwersen (W70), Alex Tarr (M70), Maureen Ogilvie (W80).

Other Oceania champions: Julian Dent (M21), Joanna Hill (W12), Michael Burton (M50), Debbie Davey (W55), Ross Barr (M65).