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The final World Cup race  in New Zealand takes place on Sunday January 13th.  This involves an exciting 2 race format, described by organisers as:

 Middle distance chasing start in the afternoon with the start times based on a shortened middle distance prologue (20-25 minutes) in the morning. The prologue will have a loop format with 2 athletes starting at a time. The start interval will be 2 minutes and start order will be drawn randomly in three starting groups (early, middle, late).

The 12 first runners in the prologue will get bonus seconds 120-90-75-60-50-40-30-25-20-15-10-5 according to their placing in the prologue. These bonus seconds are then subtracted from each runner’s time in the prologue to produce an “adjusted time” used to determine start times in the final race. The winner of the qualification race starts first in the final in the afternoon. The second placed runner starts a time after the winner equal to the difference between his/her adjusted time and that of the winner, and so on.”

The prologue commences at 7am Eastern standard time (9am NZ time) and the chasing start kicks off at 1pm (3pm Kiwi time).  So you will need to be by the computer in the afternoon to follow the action.

Below is an old map of the area being used and comments from NZ organiser, Duncan Morrison.


I think this map could be under estimated because it is so open but it can still be quite tricky

– It is a working farm with lots of unique contour details and scattered trees. There are small areas of low visibility forest on the map as well.

– The climb is quite tough with lots of short steep climbs.

Live results will be at http://o-lynxlive.com

Hopefully some Aussies will be right amidst the action.

Good coverage of the events, with viewpoints from many of the visiting countries can be found at:   http://news.worldofo.com/

Congratulations to our Oceania age group team that went so,so close to stealing the Australia v NZ Challenge trophy – a fantastic effort on Kiwi terrain.

Many thanks to Kim Nankervis (TAS) for co-ordinating such a big team.

On the final day of the Oceania carnival today there were again many Aussies taking wins in their classes.  These were:

Men:  Kylian Wymer; Carl Dalheim; Geoff Lawford; Bert Elson; Alex Tarr; Gordon Howitt;.

Women: Alyssia Wymer; Anna Dowling; Isabelle Wymer; Robin Uppill; Ann Ingwersen; Maureen Ogilvie.