Selection Arrangements for 2013 Australian WOC Team.

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World Orienteering Championships(WOC)
July 7-13, 2013, Vuokatti, FINLAND

(Note: The full selection document and the nomination form can be accessed via:
2013 WOC Selection Criteria 010313.doc

Selection trials and criteria Team selection will be based on the following criteria : 

 (i) Primary (ie most important) criteria

1. Results in the Australian based selection trials listed below;
– all four races of Easter from 29 March to 1 April 2013 in Victoria
– the three National Orienteering League races in ACT on 4 and 5 May.

 (ii) Secondary criteria, in order of importance:  

1. Past international performance, particularly at WOC 2. Recent performance at major Australian events within the last 12 months 3. Previous Australian performance;

(iii) Ability to relate well within a team atmosphere.

Overseas selection races
Overseas selection races have been scheduled by the selection panel for athletes living overseas who choose not to return for the Australian selection trials. These races have been indivualised for those nominees. All are strongly advised to race Tiomila on May 4/5 and the Swedish Silva Series on May 11/12, which will be the last overseas based trial.

Athletes will need to achieve results at the overseas trials which are judged at least equal to those achieved by Australian-based past WOC team members and competitive with WOC team members from other countries.

Nominations and team announcement
All athletes who wish to be considered for selection in the Australian 2013 WOC team will be required to submit a nomination form by email to both the Chair of Selectors and the Manager, High Performance ( ), by 11am March 29th 2013 (i.e. before the start of the first trial). All nominations should include the information set out in the nomination form which is found in the full selection document. It is the intention that the 2013 WOC team be announced within 2 weeks of the final international set of selection races on May 11/12.

Selection Panel
The selection panel for 2013 is:
·      WOC Men’s Coach/Manager: Tom Quayle
·      WOC Women’s Coach/Manager: Wendy Read
·      Manager, High Performance Kay Haarsma
·     Chair of Selectors: Jenny Casanova

Enquiries. Enquiries about the nomination process are to be directed initially to the Chair of Selectors, Jenny Casanova or phone 0427 605 167