Drug education programs and requirements – update

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ASADA Anti-doping online courses – modification to requirements.
Following the Lance Armstrong revelations last year and the various drugs in sport in Australia revelations this year, the ASC and ASADA mandated that elite athletes in all sports should complete online education courses on the ASADA website http://www.asada.gov.au*. (It is a funding agreement requirement of OA by the ASC.) An update on who must do these courses, and who else it is strongly recommended do the courses, is as follows.

1) Due to IT problems with the ASADA website the due date for completion of online courses is now May 10th.
If you are having IT related problems or with logging on etc please forward your queries to the ASADA Education Officer, Chris Butler – chris.butler@asada.gov.au*
2) While it is desirable for all NOL and National Series participants to be educated through the online courses it is now only mandatory for:
a) all Australian elite team members – WOC, JWOC, World Games, World Cup, Bushrangers, Australian University team; Oceania W/M20 and elite teams, plus
b) all National squad members – elite, junior, MTBO or their equivalents.
c) all national team coaches and managers.
The intent is to have all regular participants in NOL / NS races at elite or M/W20 level complete the courses, especially as anyone who participates in these races can potentially be subject to drug testing.
However, we do not wish to discourage participants who are older or relatively inexperienced from being able to race the occasional NOL / NS event.
As an encouragement, there will be several Silva prizes awarded by random draw to NOL / NS participants who do complete the courses but are NOT required to do so.

*Website no longer available