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A team of 5 men and 5 women has been selected to contest the M/W21E Bushrangers’ Test Match against the New Zealand Pinestars in NZ on June 1st-3rd. Selection is based on results achieved in Silva National Orienteering League races in 2013. If any athlete becomes unavailable for one or more races they will not be replaced; therefore, reserves have not been named.

 The primary focus of this team is that it provides development opportunities for athletes wishing to progress to international competition; however, some athletes have been named on the basis that these races provide preparation for international races in 2013.


Bryan Keely          David Meyer          Chris Naunton

Murray Scown      Simon Uppill


Hanny Allston       Bridget Anderson       Clare Brownridge

Heather Muir        Laurina Neumann

Kathryn Preston, who had two placings in last weekend’s NOL races, has been selected as the Australian women’s representative to attend the World Games in Cali, Colombia, from August 2nd-4th.  Initially this position had gone to Hanny Allston, but she has since withdrawn.   Only the top-ranked nation from within the Oceania region is allowed to submit a team, and in 2013 that nation is New Zealand.  However, Australia has been awarded one women’s place based on Australia’s results achieved at the World Games 2009 in Chinese Taipei.

The 2013 Australian WOC team will be finalised towards the end of next week, following races in which the European-based athletes will be competing on May 11th and 12th in Sweden and Switzerland. The goal of the 2013 team will be to maximise potential for allocation of finals positions to Australia from 2014 onwards, when there will no longer be qualification races in middle and long distance, only in sprint, and when a mixed sprint relay will be added to the race programme.

 WOC team nominations were received from (in alphabetical order)

 Women: Hanny Allston, Bridget Anderson, Felicity Brown, Susanne Casanova, Lauren Gillis, Jasmine Neve, Aislinn Prendergast, Vanessa Round, Anna Sheldon

 Men: Bruce Arthur, Evan Barr, Joshua Blatchford, David Brickhill-Jones, Julian Dent, Lachlan Dow, Kasimir Gregory, Bryan Keely, Leon Keely, David Meyer, Ian Meyer, Chris Naunton, Matthew Parton, Simon Uppill

 Jenny Casanova

Chair, Senior Selection Panel