Australian team of ten selected for WOC in Finland

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Vanessa Round (photo courtesy of World of O)

Vanessa Round (photo courtesy of World of O)

Simon Uppill

Simon Uppill

The 2013 Australian Boomerangs Team to attend WOC in Finland from July 7th-13th has been selected, as per the selection criteria, on the basis that the following athletes have the greatest potential, from among the available nominees, to make a final at WOC 2013 or at least be within the top 60 (top 20 in their heat).


Sprint – Julian Dent, Bryan Keely, Simon Uppill (Lachlan Dow reserve)

Middle – Julian Dent, Lachlan Dow, Simon Uppill (Bryan Keely reserve)

Long – Lachlan Dow (no reserve)

Relay – Julian Dent, Simon Uppill, and one other to be decided by the coaches during WOC week


Sprint – Felicity Brown, Jasmine Neve, Vanessa Round (Aislinn Prendergast reserve)

Middle – Hanny Allston, Jasmine Neve, Vanessa Round (Susanne Casanova reserve)

Long – Hanny Allston, Susanne Casanova, Aislinn Prendergast (Vanessa Round reserve)

Relay – Hanny Allston, Vanessa Round, and one other to be decided by the coaches during WOC week.

The race preferences of the nominees have been taken into account where practicable, however, the OA selectors consider that the race schedule of the first 3 days precludes anyone who is selected for sprint from being also selected for long.

Schedule of races for 2013:

Sun July 7th – Long Qualifier Mon July 8th – Sprint Qualifier & Final Tues July 9th – Long Final Wed July 10th – rest Thurs July 11th – Middle Qualifier Fri July 12th – Middle Final

Sat July 13th – Relay

With the removal from 2014 of qualifying races for middle and long distances at WOC (to be replaced by a 4-person mixed sprint relay) the number of athletes which a country is permitted to enter in the middle and long distance finals, which will each have a field of about 80 competitors, will be based on that country’s previous results.

Results down to 60th place in 2013 will contribute to a country’s ranking and therefore affect the number of athletes which it is allowed to field in 2014. Therefore, results achieved by athletes who are 16th-20th in each of the 3 qualifying heats will be relevant, as Australia’s results achieved at WOC 2012 and 2013 will directly influence the number of places we are allowed to fill in 2014.

The placing achieved by Australia in the relay is also relevant to next year’s allocation of finals places, therefore the WOC coaches will use their discretion to decide the final composition of the relay team.

Selectors: Jenny Casanova (men only), Kay Haarsma, Tom Quayle, Wendy Read

Coaches: Tom Quayle, Wendy Read


Jenny Casanova

Chair, Senior Selection Panel

May 15th, 2013