Bushrangers Test In NZ

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Photo: Martin Peat, NZ

Photo: Martin Peat, NZ

Photo: Martin Peat, NZ

Photo: Martin Peat, NZ

Team- Chris Naunton, Murray Scown, Dave Meyer and Simon Uppill.

Heather Muir, Hanny Allston, Clare Brownridge.


Last weekend the Australian Bushrangers competed in three events against the NZ Pinestars in areas south of Auckland. Even though NZ won the test series there were some very encouraging performances by members of the Australian team.

Hanny Allston and Simon Uppill had some very good race experiences against some very good NZ opposition.

Hanny won all three events and her winning margins on Day 2 (5min 40sec) and Day 3 (4min 5 secs) indicate that she is rapidly approaching the level she wants to be at by the time WOC comes around. It is great to she her performing so well and obviously enjoying being back orienteering.

Simon had a very consistent weekend two thirds and a fourth against some very good NZ runners on areas that were very pyhsical. These events gave Simon some good race experience after missing the WOC Trials in May.

JWOC representative Heather Muir competing against senior elites had three steady runs improving after Day 1 to have two 6th places. Heather showed very good consistency in her orienteering and the three events gave her some good physical trining for JWOC in early July.

For the other members of the team these events provided valuable feedback on their level of competitiveness against international competition.

The areas used were open farm paddocks with many fences, steep slopes and some sand dune terrain which provided the small amount of technical challenges on the courses. You certainly need strength to be able to orienteer in this terrain.