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From January 4- 11th there will be a series of 6 races in 8 days in the north island of New Zealand.

These will include the Aus v NZ Challenge on the following days:

Tuesday Jan 7th – ANZ Challenge Middle distance  – Hedley Road, Auckland.

Thursday Jan 9th – ANZ Challenge Classic distance – Maramarua Forest, South of Auckland.
Friday Jan 10th – ANZ Challenge Sprint – Rotorua.

Challenge classes are determined by what categories Australia can field from:

M20, M21,  M40, M50,  M60, M70

W20, W21, W40, W50, W60, W70

The North Island is a mecca for single track riders, so there are lots of places to ride and things to see if you wish to extend your stay.

Craig Steffens (Qld) has been appointed as the manager of the Australian teamand also is willing to organise a travel group for interested riders, as he did successfully for the 2012 challenge.   This will include all accommodation, 12 seater bus transport and bike trailers.

Because January is peak season for travel in New Zealand it is imperative that Craig make bookings as soon as possible.

People can complete this survey   to express their interest to Craig and then he will provide further information.

Riders who wish to travel separately can also nominate for the team directly to Craig, who is also the MTBO chair of selectors.

Nominating for Australian challenge team but not wishing to join group travel.

Name:                                          Email:

Ph number:                                   Date of Birth:

Age class you wish to ride in NZ:

Reminder: Entries for NSW Champs and Australian Champs (Gympie, Qld) in July are now due.