JWOC 2013 Long Distance

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Steep! Tough! Very physical! A description of JWOC 2013 day 1 – The Long Distance. The weather was fine, a little cool to start with but warmed up for the later starters. The Aussie contingent was there early, ready for a day of excitement. Some took part in the JWOC Tour (public events) others had to forego due to clashes with watching their sons/daughters finish. It was about an hour in before we saw anyone in the arena, the men with a spectator run through and map change about 17-20 minutes from the end of their course, the women just finishing up the chute.

There was a roar of encouragement as the first Aussie appeared. Nicola finished first, closely followed in by Mary. First male through was Brodie, then Matt, who finished in the chute with his sister Jacqui. There were cheers as each Aussie finished their race, Lanita, Oscar, Heather, Michele, Andrew, Olle and Ian. JWOC male champion was Piotr Parfianowicz from Poland and the female champion was Lisa Risby from Sweden. Overall results and placings are listed below but just how did our Aussie team feel about their efforts in today’s conditions?


Nicola – “For my first big race I am happy not to have made any major mistakes. I am pleased with my navigation but I felt I was a bit hesitant with some route choices.”


Mary – “I am very happy. I had fun and really enjoyed the forest. My run was clean and I ran hard to do. I may have been able to run faster but I am happy I had no mistakes!”


Brodie – “I lost 2-2 1/2 minutes in the circle, close to controls but other than that I only lost time due to strength and route choice errors. Preparing for next year, my focus will be on running strength in soft terrain and making quick, direct, route choice decisions.”


Matt – “Happy enough with my result. I had no big mistakes, so happy!”


Jacqui – “Already moving on, looking forward to tomorrow!”


Lanita – “Very happy, clear run, hills a bit tough. Happy with my first result!”


Oscar – “Fairly clean run but took poor route choices in some places. I took longer route choices to avoid some hills and over some hills when I should have gone around! I didn’t have the strength or power up hills.”


Heather – “I thought it was really tough. So steep! I was happy with my navigation and I thought it was pretty exciting but I was really exhausted at the end. Different route choices may have eliminated some climb for me.”
Michele – “I am going to take my run in my stride and try harder tomorrow.”


Andrew – “Hills were tough but I navigated OK. I am happy.”


Olle – Very few mistakes just physically not as well as I was hoping. Didn’t think hills would be so big.”


Ian – “I am not too happy and feel disappointed. I thought I was more prepared but struggled. Hope to bounce back for tomorrow’s middle.”

Results JWOC 2013 Long Distance – Men

1. Parfianowicz Piotr Poland 69.21

2. Schneider Florian Switzerland 70.37

3. Kozyrev Andrey Russia 71.44

52. Poland Oliver Australia 80.34

69. McNulty Oscar Australia 83.53

85. Lawford Ian Australia 86.24

91. Nankervis Brodie Australia 87.46

102. Doyle Matthew Australia 89.21

135. Barnett Andrew Australia 97.01

JWOC 2013 Long Distance – Female

1. Risby Lisa Sweden 60.42

2. Hagström Sara Sweden 61.29

3. Savkina Ekaterina Russia 61.36

73. Steer Lanita Australia 79.13

84. Fleming Mary Australia 81.46

90. Muir Heather Australia 83.32

116. Blatchford Nicola Australia 91.04

125. Doyle Jacqui Australia 95.33

127. Dawson Michele Australia 97.14