JWOC 2013 Middle Distance Final

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The Middle Distance Finals were held today using the same event centre as the Middle Qualifications but with a different part of the map. The terrain was steep and covered in rock, with narrow crevices between them. The day was warm and sunny but thunderstorms threatened throughout the afternoon but didn’t eventuate.

Both the men’s and women’s B and C finals started the days competition with some great Aussie results. Then came the A finals, firstly the women’s followed by the men’s. The women’s final saw the fastest qualifier from yesterday, Lucy Butt (GBR) outclassed today with Miri Thrane Odum from Denmark taking the World Championship. In the men’s final, the Swedes took out a trifecta with Emil Svensk becoming the World Champion.

What did our Aussies think?


Michele – Really happy with my run except for number 6 where I lost concentration because of other competitors and then doubted my navigation.


Nicola – I lost about 3 1\2 minutes on two controls but reasonably happy, a lot happier than yesterday and it was a bit more technical today and I thought I navigated well.


Mary – A bit nervous going into the start of the race, I didn’t have my head in it. Slow to the first two controls and that’s where I lost my time because I smashed the rest of the race. I am a little bit disappointed but ok.


Jacqui – Happy with my race today. I felt that I navigated really well Yaaaa!


Matt – pretty average run with no big mistakes but lots and lots of little ones. I cut my hand on a rock but have seen a doctor and all is OK.


Lanita – Had a really good run, only a few mistakes. I actually thought I would be better placed with how I felt and my run in general. I am very happy though.


Ian – Great terrain! I had fun! Very positive, I wasn’t worried about my result just went out for a jog around the terrain.


Brodie – I had so much fun out there today. I went really, really slowly as my knee, still very swollen, prevented me running faster due to the restricted movement. I made a couple of small mistakes but loved the terrain!! I nailed the finish punch while running didn’t even stop. Hopefully running helped my knee and it will be better for the sprint, after a rest day tomorrow.


Heather – Lots and lots of mistakes. Not a good run. I was completely exhausted from the last couple of days but it was still a great experience. It was unusual to see cameras, camera crews and power leads throughout the forest but they didn’t however help in finding controls. I was really excited to be in the A final.


Oscar – Well done to Oscar who competed in the A final with a result of 55th.

andrew mf

Andrew – Started off well did first half steady and solid. Crossed a hill into a more vague area and this is where I made my first mistake. This rattled me a little and then we went back into the detail. At the second control back in this area, I saw a camera guy and lost concentration and lost map contact. This resulted in a big mistake, knowing also that everyone would be watching it. I was a bit sloppy from then on to finish but still had plenty of energy for a strong finish and I am happy to have competed the A final.