World Championships 2013 begins!

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The 2013 World Championships begin Sunday in the northern Finnish town of Vuokatti.

The Australian team led by Coaches Tom Quayle and Wendy Read began their competitions with the Long Qualification. The program for the World Championships and the Australian competitors in Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST) are:


Sunday 7th July  Long Qualification

Hanny Allston, Susanne Casanova, Aislinn Prendergast

Lachlan Dow

Monday 8th July 16.00 (AEST) Sprint Qualification  

Felicity Brown, Jasmine Neve, Vanessa Round

Simon Uppill, Bryan Keely


Tuesday 9th July 00.50 (AEST) Sprint Final 

Top 15 from qualification


Tuesday 9th July 18.55 (AEST) Long Final

Top 15 from qualification


Thursday 11th July 16.00 (AEST) Middle Qualification 

Hanny Allston, Jasmine Neve, Vanessa Round

Lachlan Dow, Simon Uppill, Bryan Keely


Friday 12th July 20.10 (AEST) Middle Final

Top 15 from qualification


Saturday 13th July 20.30 (AEST) Relay

Women: Hanny Allston, Vanessa Round, TBA.

Men: Lachlan Dow, Simon Uppill, Bryan Keely.

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You can follow the Australian Boomerang team right here, on the team blog, on the Orienteering Australia Facebook page and live online TV and GPS.

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